Nov 28
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I started to trim the threads off this in between the small bright circles and the bigger darker circles, and I decided to leave them. I like that I can see the order I made the circles, and follow my own train of thought.  There are two different brown velvets. I like the way they play off each other, and show off the patchiness of the background.

In the old Threads magazines I read a piece from a woman who was chastised for putting a patch on a patch, on her jeans. A subsequent letter writer quoted her grandmother saying "patch by patch is neighborly, patch on patch is beggarly." The only reason I mention this is because I added two new patches to the knees of Alice’s jeans over the weekend.


There were two patches on each knee, and I added a Laurel Burch cat on each knee to hold down the older patches. Alice is delighted. She still fits the jeans (from two years ago – this child grows verrry slowly) and she was missing them. I think I am feeling defensive about it. The jeans are fine, except for the places her knobby knees have rent the fabric. I have made them work for her, to her delight, for another couple months. The knees will blow out again before she outgrows them, I’m sure… unless she has a sudden growth spurt. Isn’t patch on patch just careful? reusing? good for the earth? decorative even? just asking.

I’ve been working steadily on the new machine for the last couple days, and I owe Al some gratitude cake, or a pan full of brownies. It works like a champ, the applications are the ones I recognize and have the right reactions for, the sound works, the screen is big and lovely, and the keyboard is so cute I can hardly stand it. I might get smitten with mac-love later, but really at the moment I am happy to be able to do what I want and need. Like writing this, posting pictures and checking on email. While listening to Laurie Anderson sing. The house smells of brownies for the bake sale tomorrow. I am well fed. I have finally warmed up. I rode a new horse today. My life is very very good.

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