Nov 13
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I’m sorry, I have nothing useful to say.

I had circus class today.

I am working on a reverse New Year’s resolution, where I resolve that my workroom will be cleaner and emptier by New Year’s, letting me give that old resolution a long deserved rest. I read about it on someone else’s blog, regarding fitness and weight loss. I thought it was a great idea, but I’d rather apply it to my work room because, well, I’m spending a lot of time in there, and I’d like it to be neater, better organized, and easier to work in.

I have issues 1 – 60 of Threads Magazine. If anyone wants to give the complete set a good home, email me and we’ll discuss shipping. It was a great thing while it lasted, but they’ve gone all focussed and technical about sewing and skipped the rest of the string things they used to do so well. I’ve reread them, they are still great, but I need the room more than the inspiration.