color swatches for horses

Nov 9
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

A very appropriate set of swatches for today because I went to Equine Affaire and saw more different breeds of horses, demonstrations, supplies, tack, clothing for both people and horses, and assorted carp with horses printed or engraved on it… It was at the Big E fairgrounds in 4 different buildings. I fell in love with a new saddle. It is for forward seat/jumping but has long billets like a dressage saddle and only a single flap instead of layers. But I didn’t buy anything. That took strength of mind. It helped that I have no horse, and thus didn’t need about 55% of the stuff available. It also helped that I probably wouldn’t become a cowgirl (although I do crave red cowboy boots and a red cowboy hat) so there is a different 55% that I don’t need, or Saddle Seat, for another 35%… Of course the saddle I fell in love with has a $2700 price tag on it, so that would cover a lot of other much cheaper carp. Except for the horses themselves. Or the trailers. Holy moly I could live a happy life in some of those trailers – there were ones with tack rooms and changing rooms and kitchens and beds….

But this has nothing to do with postcards, does it? This postcard is circles of different horse colors taken at my two different barns.