leaves that were green

Nov 6
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Like I said before, I think of fall containing leaves with bright colors, while brown is for later, or trees that aren’t really trying. But, once the leaves drop, they turn brown, frequently a nice color and with a lovely crunch and smell. I can’t quite quilt the smell, or the crunch, but I think I did get the color.

Alice is working on turning a lump of rock into a bear shaped lump of rock. This entails a fair amount of sanding and rasping and results in a pretty good pile of dust.

amorphous bear

I think she’s been imbibing Andy Goldsworthy as well, because this is what showed up on the camera:

Alice’s spirals

In family circus, Al and I both managed a (painful and not really graceful, but a milestone) move called a Hip Key in fabric. We have documentation:


Al was so cute: he kept his toes pointed through the whole thing…