ummm, yeah, thwartation

Nov 17
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So we are still at home. Alice decided she wanted to stay here, she wasn’t feeling well enough to cope with the city. So I am working on more room clearing, and finding floor space and lost things and more dead pens (note to self, no more jelly pens. ever.) than absolutely necessary.

Talked with the Other Kate yesterday, and we joked about Thwartation, with a side of Shui (see Mason Dixon Knitting for usage) and other things that happen when it is impossible to plan.

As for this postcard, I am not sure what it is all about. I started to make it, and my hands took over, and found old bits and scraps, and just whanged it together. So I let my hands do it all.

Jenny Crusie talks about The Girls in the Basement when she’s writing, or collaging about her writing. The Girls are the part of your brain that knows what happens next, but can’t talk very well. So they show you colors or sing songs, or stop at pictures of your main character when you thought it was her sister. She says you have to trust the Girls.

So I let my girls work on this postcard. It is kind of interesting, working that way. I like this postcard too.