utterly experimental

Here’s where process gets complicated!

These are fabric pieces I composed using the landscape paintings I did last month as a starting point. Once the image was defined using fabric and thread, I painted over parts of it. Then I went in after the paint dried, and added some more details in thread.

I am going to put these up on my wall, and see how I like them. I think the process is exciting, and I like that I can make use of fabrics I might not otherwise (the pond piece is entirely made of silk! I don’t generally do that!) and I think paint is a good way to make bigger gestures and larger work.

Scale is important when working bigger. With thread, I only have a tiny thin line available to me. I can go over that line until it is heavier, or use heavier thread, but not too much heavier because the sewing machine has limitations. If I need areas, I can use fabric, and that is true at various sizes. It is getting lines and shading that I use thread for, and that I am interested in using paint for.


#daily Feb 2018 complete

I am delighted with these experiments in painting! I learned some interesting things, including my affection for abstracts, both in paint and in fabric. Also I realized that daily small practice serves me better in learning things than one week of exasperated flailing. So if I am going to keep experimenting with paint, I should do this kind of steady poking at it rather than picking it up for a week and then putting it down for the rest of the year.

I was inspired by several of the paintings to attempt to translate them into fabric, both abstracts and landscapes. I will show you those tomorrow.

Happy March!

#dailyFeb2018 week 2

I really got into the little abstracts on black paper, and made a set of nine on each of two days. The biggest takeaway from those two days, and eighteen squares, is Don’t Overwork something. There’s still something about the abstracts calling to me, so I’ve been making them larger, in fabric.

The rest of the week was trees, paths, and managing to remember at 11:30 pm that I’d forgotten to paint, so I did one fast, tiny tree to maintain honor.

Are you doing something every day this month? How’s it going?

January roundup

What I did during my winter flail:

Things I did not do that were on the list:

  1. make things with holes in them (other than the Joomchi)(oh, and the melted felt)
  2. wonderflex (felt that stiffens when heat is applied in a more controlled fashion)
  3. fish
  4. tiny bottles with lights, but I’m thinking about it

Things I did that were not on the list:

  1. researched and started building a Kickstarter campaign for the Tarot of the North Atlantic
  2. figured some clever things I can do in Adobe Photo Elements
  3. did I mention Kickstarter? I worked a lot on Kickstarter…
  4. got myself and others excited for #dailyFeb2018 (woo!!)

Things I abandoned because they were not serving me:

  1. two out of three of the new productivity tools
  2. the strange sketch book I was trying to use

I call that a January well used. Next month is painting daily and getting the Tarot onto Kickstarter so you patient people can order it (if you so choose).