Busy like bees

At the end of June I sailed on Windjammer Angelique as naturalist. I had a great time – she is a lovely boat, the captain and crew are very good at what they do and made sure everyone felt welcome and useful. We had remarkably nice weather too, some spectacular sailing, and a lot of delicious food to support us.  Aside from one day of persistent rain, we sailed every day to someplace new and learned new things.


After I got home, Paintbox Theatre swung into the summer season. I made props and consulted on set issues for Tarzan, a Pirate show (essentially Pirates on Vacation, it was pretty amusing) and a heavily adapted rewritten version of Little Mermaid, with three witches, reading and writing underwater, and no kissing.

We finished the season with a cookout last night, and today I am addressing my list of things to do. Writing a blog post was high on the list, so here we are!

So much for April

Welcome May, and a happy May Day to you! Did you dance the sun up?

Yesterday, on the very last day of April 2018, I mailed out the last of the decks of the Tarot of the North Atlantic. There were three domestic envelopes, and a solid dozen headed overseas, including two to Thailand (!?!) and some to each of Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

I was completely stunned by the response to this campaign. I honestly expected a maximum of twenty people to purchase decks of cards, and I assumed I would know them all. Instead I had more encouragement from more corners of the world than I could possibly have hoped for.

If you missed your chance at the Kickstarter campaign, I have additional sets for sale in my store at BigCartel. Check out Lee Thomson Art on BigCartel, and you should be able to find what you want.

What with family turmoil and illness, and fulfilling orders for cards, I feel like I could easily sleep for the first couple of days of May!

the tail of the tarot!

The Tarot of the North Atlantic is well funded, and the kickstarter for it is closing on Wednesday April 4.

I am honored and delighted that so many people want a copy of the cards I made! My time right now is full of orders, plans and table clearing so that I can be ready to start packing and shipping decks of cards, note cards, postcards and thank you gifts as soon as everything arrives.


utterly experimental

Here’s where process gets complicated!

These are fabric pieces I composed using the landscape paintings I did last month as a starting point. Once the image was defined using fabric and thread, I painted over parts of it. Then I went in after the paint dried, and added some more details in thread.

I am going to put these up on my wall, and see how I like them. I think the process is exciting, and I like that I can make use of fabrics I might not otherwise (the pond piece is entirely made of silk! I don’t generally do that!) and I think paint is a good way to make bigger gestures and larger work.

Scale is important when working bigger. With thread, I only have a tiny thin line available to me. I can go over that line until it is heavier, or use heavier thread, but not too much heavier because the sewing machine has limitations. If I need areas, I can use fabric, and that is true at various sizes. It is getting lines and shading that I use thread for, and that I am interested in using paint for.