Oct 30

Oct 30
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One door left for October, and I’ve had that one planned for months… You’ll see why tomorrow.

Red Kate and I had a case of the sillies on the way north. First we brainstormed ways to make laundry more appealing to men: over-power the washer, paint it black, add chrome, disable safety features, incorporate a V-8 engine, add flames, or airbrushing.

And then we came up with Pimp My Stitch. This had us in hysterics the rest of the way. Things to do to a (relatively unsuspecting) sewing machine, that included: thread company decals, air brushed unicorns, or dragons, or buxom females in chain mail brassieres, or flames, a mini disco ball to hold the thread on, fuzzy dice on the presser foot lowering bar, LED lights chasing around the base, the strange free-wheeling hubcaps adapted to the hand wheel on the end… there were more, but they have faded since we thought of the flames. And the dual chrome exhaust. We couldn’t figure out quite what to exhaust – fumes are hard to come by when sewing – but I thought it might just be a dummy thing, and you could drop dry ice into a little water in the bottom and get fog even if you didn’t get a great rumbling roar.

Circus class was fun too. We agreed it was not possible to hide anything from anyone you were doing partner acrobatics with, as we grabbed each other’s feet and placed them where we could balance on them.

Kate is getting a decent forearm stand:Kate_forearmstand although she sags when she’s tired. Today we did hip keys on fabric, which hurts. But then it gets better.

Poor Al has a mouthful of metal. His dentist managed to talk him into braces, and has already managed to pop two of the little doo-dads off his teeth, one with a sandwich at lunch, and later one with the water-pik after chinese food for supper. He may not last the full two years. Heck, at this rate, he may not last the week.

Ah well. As Andy pointed out, sometimes life is a tea party, sometimes it isn’t.

current desk state

I was trying to take pictures of something else, and wound up with pictures of my desk (or table or workbench or what ever I call it du jour) and ironing board (which is a crucial part of the workspace):

and it made me think of this cartoon:

Which is really far more organized than the actual thing itself, as you can see by comparing them…

One of my goals for being 47 is to clean out the workroom. I wrote down four goals around my birthday. Others were to go sailing next summer (and take the family with me, not all by myself, really), and to be able to do a crossback straddle (in the fabric at circus). Rest assured that I will boast vociferously if any of these do happen.

lunar real estate


I’m looking for pictures of the moon for the October page, and I find this page for the Clementine Lunar Image Browser, where the part that makes me happiest is not the large array of pictures available but the disclaimer.

This sentence: "Disputes arising from the purchase of lunar property from such organizations must be resolved with the seller directly."

OK, now I want to buy some lunar real estate. Maybe this piece, right here. I like the look of that crater riiiight there.

dogwood sphinx

Oct 25
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My town is an old mill town with an anomalous women’s college, reborn as a yuppie/new age haven. There used to be big, imposing, graceful banks, as well as a hardware store and a grocery store on Main St. Now the banks have become galleries, and the old Five and Dime has been transformed into housewares, Tintin comics and french table linens. The hardware and grocery stores got moved out to the strip which fortunately isn’t too far because the town is still relatively small.

This used to be a bank, and is now the biggest gallery in town. The sphinx resides on top of the old night deposit box, well bolted down. Many people touch his nose as they go by, for luck or habit or something.

random happy things, no postcards…

Img_2748_1Kate does something interesting.
Al does the best forearm stand of his life
Bronwyn shows us how it is supposed to be done
Red Kate does a very nice forearm stand after a good deal of thrashing and frustration.
This is the ugliest, lumpiest one I did all day, because I was really really tired. I did about 4 better ones before that, AND I got to stand on Al, and stand on Al and Kate, and Kate flew me like an airplane, and I flew Kate and we had such fun. This is why I was a dishrag at the end of Tuesday.

Then on Wed I decided to ride, regardless, so I went up to the new barn and found the ponies inside. This is Dakota, the splotchy pony I ride on Mon and Wed. Dakota_looks

I rode in the rain, and the rain came down harder and harder until I was drenched but cheerful. I cleaned the barn in the rain, turned the horses out into the rain,

and went away, and the rain stopped.

Ah well. I had a nice ride.