Nov 27

Nov 27
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Patchy background, with silk chiffon on top, and copper coiled bits on top of that. And no broken needles stitching down the pretty wire.

Long, and strange day.

I closed down work at the old barn. The fun quotient wasn’t quite high enough, and the aggravation was too high. Plus I kept getting thwarted trying to get there – I mean three weeks of sick people who only get sick and need me on Tuesdays and Thursdays? After Alice, then me, then Aerin, I figure the universe is trying to tell me something.

So I came home and had a full on financial freakout. I wound up entering three months of household spending onto a spreadsheet trying to figure out where it all goes. I am three months wiser and carrying a good deal more tension around. I don’t think about money gracefully. 

I worked really really hard in circus, to try to burn off some of the stress. I wound up climbing to the top of the fabric 4.5 times. Once I came down and started up again without touching the ground, but that was where I only managed the 1/2. But I am stronger. I got the hip key faster, and did it on both sides. I am getting a very nice handstand near the wall. I can headstand without thinking too hard about it, and Bronwyn spotted me for crow to headstand which I did with a thump. That could get more graceful. Crow is such a strange position though – you rest your knees on your elbows and do a handstand… any transition from there is gonna be hard.

And then I had beer with supper when I got home. So I am relaxed and  cheerful and going to bed now. But man, the money thing? ugh. And I’m in it for pure knowledge, not desperation.

One thought on “Nov 27

  1. Great work – and first thing I thought “did any needles break?”!
    Played the Mom game this week, too, with child out of school under the weather.
    Best of luck with spending spreadsheet…


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