brown and copper and magazines

Nov 24
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I have been really drawn to copper over the last couple months. I found this paint at the local art supplies store, I have a roll of copper wire that I am experimenting with, and there were all those pennies the girls and I shined up for the August Journal page. I like the way the copper paint and thread glow in the velvet. The paint did a great job on just the tips of the velvet nap.

I continue with the removal of excess objects from the workroom. Alice’s Art school will either hate me or name a room in my honor, they have another two boxes of stuff headed their way. I have copies of Cloth Paper Scissors back to the first issue, if anyone is interested. Drop me an email, or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. I listed three most recent ones on Book Mooch, and have promised those already, but the rest are up for grabs.

I like the idea of Book Mooch – list the excess books that someone else might want, and they find you and request them. And then you accrue karma in the form of points that can be applied to books you want. I like it better than Freecycle for books because people actually know what they are looking for, and you get some credit for it. Not that Freecycle doesn’t completely rock in the whole "vanishing the excess stuff off the porch" scene. I love them for that.