DNA samples

Nov 25
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

So here I am cataloging and leaving for posterity complete DNA samples from my family, at least as we understand it at the moment. I labeled it too, because I realized I wouldn’t remember whose was whose (except for Al’s) by the end of the week.

It started because I was struck by the similarity of the girls’ hair colors when they were sitting next to each other doing computer stuff yesterday, so I chased them around the house with scissors and got chunks of hair from them. I snipped off the end of my braid because it is all uneven anyhow, and I am on the verge of thinking I need it a lot shorter.

Al was the hardest – his hair is like spider silk, thin and fine and incredibly soft, and (sad but true) he’s losing it, although slowly. He said he once made a barber cry, asking him to cut it dry. It is impossible, it wifts and sifts and blows in the slightest breeze. I just snipped a tiny bit from the back, so it wouldn’t make him any more uneven than he already is.

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