the (not so bitter) end: 2007

Dec 31
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I was so smitten with jude’s pieced window that I adapted it for use with fireworks, and stuck it to a postcard. The fireworks are anticipatory – we don’t get them til 6:15 tonight – but I remember what they were like from before.

I love fireworks. I, who startle easily and hate loud noises, revel in the bang and boom. I, who flinch at blinking lights of the season, adore the sparkle and pop. It think it may be my favorite part of the night.

Happy New Year, everyone: old friends (you know who you are), new friends, new readers, mom.

2 thoughts on “the (not so bitter) end: 2007

  1. You gave yourself no credit for the daily Y yoga and exercise that you did so faithfully. Does that not count because it wasn’t on the list of intentions? Not to mention family circus 2X a week. Like WOW woman! I thought your sticktoitiveness in that direction was pretty impressive. Plus the fact that you managed a household, your family and all the activities in which they are involved (multi) as well as your intentions. A++. So. Love you to pieces and am proud of you too. Numyum


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