Dec 23
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Coming home today the air was warm and wet and there was snow still over everything. The view everywhere was foggy, with things recedeing into the mists at no distance at all. It made things feel very far away, and quite intimate. I was experimenting with making trees and houses vanish behind curtains of mist, using layers and layers of silk organza. I could have gone for a couple more layers, I think….

It is nice to be home.

duo trapeze

Dec 22
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There were two duo trapeze pieces; one was my old boss’ daughter and her partner in crime, doing a fabulous thing in red and gold, the other was Elsie and Marina doing something that got faster and funnier as they went along. I very carefully forgot my camera, but the space is so horrible for taking pictures it wouldn’t have mattered anyhow. Someone with much better camerage and more experience was working on photography and even she was having issues with sight lines.

Saturday was actually spent in the car and visiting people. We caught up with Al’s sister and her kids, in NH. The kids are adults now – in their 30s – with babies of their own. Al was dandling his nephew’s baby and having major flashbacks to dandling the nephew. We crashed with the Other Kate for the night (thank you again) and had a great time hanging out and making poor puns and following extended tangential trains of thought.


Dec 21
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Friday was completely crazed, but good. Aerin and I ended it by driving to Brattleboro to help with a show at Nimble – the mid term for the professional track kids and selected students, plus some of the instructors.