Dec 6
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I was noticing how many different patterns came from cutting into a shape and flipping the cut shape out. Patchy white silk background, black wool square with elaborations.

Wicked was fun. I was admiring a Dale Chihuly chandelier and fell head first over a granite bollard, smacked my knuckles, dropped my purse, flew out of my shoes. It was pretty dramatic. I’m OK now, but still startled at the reaction I got from falling. I think I might need some martial arts training to help me fall better.

Al says he learned two fun things about Wicked. One is that the author (Gregory Maguire) named the protagonist Elphaba after LFB or L Frank Baum. The best one is that the first 7 notes of the song Unlimited are the same as Over the Rainbow. It is a musical joke from Stephen Schwartz, in honor of the Oz most of us grew up watching. Seven notes because eight notes is copyright infringement. The rhythm is different, but the notes are the same.