tree in snow

Dec 5
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I was thinking of how branches seem to hover in front of deep woods, and trying to get at that feeling. The embroidery disappears into the grays, making me think I need to do something brighter for the tree or something quieter for the grays of the woods.

Went to the barn, but couldn’t get up the driveway, so I hiked in and cleaned stalls and emptied and refilled water buckets. She has electric water buckets. They have heaters in the base, and they keep the water from freezing. I am smitten with the theory and practice of electric water buckets; it is such an improvement over hammers to remove ice.

We are all headed to Alice’s Wicked tonight. She isn’t in it, we are just making up for missing it in NYC. She said Al and Aerin could come too. So they are. Aerin wants to actually see what is happening onstage, since for her Wicked we were in the back row of the topmost balcony. Al just remembers Pippin with pleasure and wants to see what Stephen Schwatrz has been up to lately.