Dec 1
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Today is postcard number 301 and the photo to record it for posterity was 3001 (on that particular camera), which seems like a nice piece of synchronicity. I meant to mention three hundred postcards yesterday but it slipped my mind in the delight of dinner not cooked by me.

My thought for December was to work with black and white, in much the same way I managed to explore brown for a month. Except I think of December as a brilliant month rather than drab. So I thought “black and white and red all over” which seems to have morphed into “black and white and one other color”. I like the jolt the color gives the black and white background.

Everything looks like art when photographed in black and white. I kept my main camera loaded with monochrome film for a decade, until I couldn’t easily get it processed anymore. I know that I could do darkroom things, but it isn’t my sport. Fabric is my sport. Now I can desaturate any picture in Photoshop and presto! I haven’t experimented enough to decide if that will work as well.

I kinda secretly sorta miss the warmth of the brown. Clearly I came to some kind of agreement with it.