let it blow/glow/snow/go

Dec 15
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The forecast is for a couple inches of snow followed by freezing rain and rain on top, with temperatures plummeting and solidifying it all into one giant skating rink. sounds exciting.

Alice and I went to see a kids’ production of The Reluctant Dragon. It has always been one of my favorite stories – i have a recording of Boris Karloff reading it aloud on an old LP my dearest Dad kindly digitized for me. Now Alice knows and loves the same story, with the same cadences.  Anyhow – our neighbor was in it, and we needed to cheer her on. Alice was riveted, and wants to take to the stage. She was also interested in  the tech – lights, music, special effects – which is closer to her genetic heritage. At least now we have something to sign her up for.

I am feeling ambivalent about reaching the end of my year of postcards. I realized I am stuck between kid time and grownup time. A kid year is forever. A grownup year is over in a flash. This has been one way to stretch out the year, and make sure I see each day. 

In two weeks, I’ll have to give myself a review and a grade for the year. I also need to think about what I might do next year. I definitely need to do something (smallish) every day, or I get out of the groove. If I give myself a break I don’t come back refreshed, I just don’t come back, at all. If I keep stooging along, then more and more interesting things happen, and more work opens up for me to choose from.

I probably need to sharpen up my goals for the next year too. I’ll worry about that over the next couple weeks.