Dec 19
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The muse continues to push the skinny strips. I thought of one more yesterday looking at the back door of one of the giant trucks.

I was auditioning the red spots in different places and realized it made a kind of little animated film. But, with all the great toys on the new mac, I don’t think I have something I can use to make stop motion animation. If I figure it out, I’ll post a (very short) animated clip of the dot(s).

Aside from people with octopi on their heads today was pretty calm. Alice had a friend, we walked to the library for their book group, hit the candy store and the video store on the way home and then decided pizza for supper was a good plan. So we did that too, before we finally straggled home.

why flickr rocks

And also why flickr sucks up waaaay more time than it should. Not only can I see what my contacts are posting for photos, but I can browse around and locate THIS.

Which really cracked me up.