weaving, triangles

Dec 30
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Woven torn strips for the background, the black bar was an attempt to bring a third direction into the weaving but it failed utterly. However, it looked cool storming off the edge of the page. So the big triangle sat on it, and the white silk pages hung from it and here we are.

Very, very quiet day. Everyone is sleeping a lot, and it makes for long quiet mornings. Tomorrow we go about town for the afternoon, celebrating the early part of First Night (which we call Last Afternoon instead) watching local performers do fun things. Then supper and fireworks, and blessings on the people who organize the fireworks for midnight Greenwich Mean Time which is 7:00 pm for us, so we can see them, cheer madly, and go home and be warm.

One thought on “weaving, triangles

  1. Hi! You commented on my lj, so I hopped over to look at your website. Those postcards look fantastic – I especially like the one for Dec 9. The contrast between the neat red circles and the wobbly background is really striking!
    Happy New Year!
    – Maggie/gauroth on lj


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