Journal Quilt pages

Oct Journal Quilt
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

For October I was thinking about change, and then I made a tree, and then it was all about the leaves falling off and being blown around. I was thinking about embroidering the words "the only constant is change" into the wind, but then I didn’t because it looked done.

As for November:

Nov journal Quilt
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I heard a lot about the Day of the Dead this fall – a celebration and remembrance of those who have died. As someone on the radio said, the point is to remember them with pleasure, and to entice a visit from their ghosts by providing things they loved in life. I was thinking of people I missed. I admit I was also thinking of all the pets we have had, and all the horses, but there wasn’t room for all the ghosts I had hanging about. So I kept to relatives and put family skeletons dancing front and center.

4 thoughts on “Journal Quilt pages

  1. The leaves in motion are great and Alice’s skellicature is wonderfully characteristic and recognizable. Hooray for you. A splendid years worth of creative output. Pretty impressive!!


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