Dec 8

Dec 8
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white velvet on stringy black/grey background stitched with red

Today was the last class for the Quilt Journaling class. I had a good time with the class. Part of what I liked best was seeing what different people were doing and being inspired by their work. That is the same thing I love about the internets and other people’s blogs.

I am working on getting some of these people signed on for some small ongoing group. I want regular meetings, critiques, brainstorming and laughing. I also want other people to play with. I like responding to challenges, part of why I signed on for SharonB’s Next Step Challenge for next year. We’ll see who I can rope into this. Online members would be welcome as well (jude? Anyone else? We’ll talk)

I have some journal pages to show, but they’ll have to wait.

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