snow day

Dec 3
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

While there are many snowflake images out on the web, most are copyrighted. This is a real electron micrograph of a snowflake in false color, courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture and therefor in the public domain. I printed it out onto silk and stuck it to a patchy white background. It is a weather report for the day. Snow, freezing rain, more snow on top, and panic in the streets. The first snow day of the year. Really they give us the first snow storm off just to ease the freak-out factor, I think, because after this their standards for canceling get stricter.

So the girls had the day off, and Aerin even forgave me for looking at the only tv station that utterly failed to post any cancellations and waking her up and shoving her out the door to catch a bus that was not going to come. Alice made a gingerbread house with the next door neighbor, another neighbor came over for costuming and stayed for lunch, gingerbread house eating and sledding, Aerin went out and found some people sledding and joined them until her jeans were sopping wet and her legs were blue and it was dark out. It was a pretty gratifying day.

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