random happy things, no postcards…

Img_2748_1Kate does something interesting.
Al does the best forearm stand of his life
Bronwyn shows us how it is supposed to be done
Red Kate does a very nice forearm stand after a good deal of thrashing and frustration.
This is the ugliest, lumpiest one I did all day, because I was really really tired. I did about 4 better ones before that, AND I got to stand on Al, and stand on Al and Kate, and Kate flew me like an airplane, and I flew Kate and we had such fun. This is why I was a dishrag at the end of Tuesday.

Then on Wed I decided to ride, regardless, so I went up to the new barn and found the ponies inside. This is Dakota, the splotchy pony I ride on Mon and Wed. Dakota_looks

I rode in the rain, and the rain came down harder and harder until I was drenched but cheerful. I cleaned the barn in the rain, turned the horses out into the rain,

and went away, and the rain stopped.

Ah well. I had a nice ride.

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