Oct 20

Oct 20
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I like the image of this one – shaking a house and having things fall out of it. If someone shook my house, mostly books would fall out, followed proportionally by fabric, art supplies (Alice’s and mine make up a pretty substantial collection) toys and robot building supplies. I suppose there is a certain volume of basics like food and chairs and towels and clothes and things.

I found this woman’s work slicing up books, which I find disturbing and compelling. Thinking about her work and this postcard made me imagine a flock of books shaken from their shelves, hanging in midair, leaves flapping like wings. Maybe I could hang a bunch of books from a tree in my backyard.

Following links from other peoples’ blogs, I was also led to this gentleman. His work is not for the squeamish, although it doesn’t approach Damien Hirst and his cadavers on display. It is more nightmarish than bloody.

I am thinking about skulls and skeletons for the October journal page, so I need to start sketching some bones so I have a clue.