doors within doors

Oct 23
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

A nice piece of recursion. Advent calendar type little doors (lined with Glennis’s shibori from a while ago) that open to show…. more doors!

I am happy today, for no particular reason. I realized this is what happy felt like. Red Kate came with me to my Yolates class, led by Pam the magnificent, and that made me happy, to stretch and twist and strengthen. Then I went off to the old barn. The wind is blowing hard because a front is coming through, and leaves were whirling up off the trees and flying through the sky. That made me happy. I cleaned my four stalls and realized I had left the duffel with my boots and helmet at the new barn yesterday, so I rode the geezer bareback at the walk with a borrowed helmet. We went walking through the woods because there was a teenager and her horse who required more room than she had. The woods are still turning colors, though it is getting into yellows and tans and browns rather than the oranges and reds, but the old horse is the same color as a fox, and the same color as some of the leaves, and riding him and patting his neck and admiring the leaves and the wind made me happy.

Then I came home to finish a postcard. The one you see here. Which makes me feel silly but OK. Red Kate is here again, and we will go up to circus in Brattleboro, at the end of which I will feel like a limp dishcloth, but a happy one.

Oh – my theme for November is to come to grips with the color brown. I have to find and make postcards of, or from, things that I like that are brown.