door into summer

Oct 9
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

The first science fiction I read was R.A. Heinlein’s Door Into Summer. I was working my way through the Jr. High (school) library in an extremely methodical way, attempting to read every single book. I made it to Phillip Wylie’s books in less than two years, which tells you something about the size of the library as well as my dedication to NOT going to the lunch room. Anyhow – this book fell on me like an anvil. It has time travel, and cats, and first love, and do-overs, and I was gobsmacked. I haven’t re-read it lately, so I’m not sure if it holds up, but just the phrase, door into summer, makes me think of secret hidden things.

I used a photograph of a door and embroidered around it. I used my working theory that almost any problem can be solved with more thread. It took a good deal of mental thrashing to get myself into my room and make something. I am struggling with the delicate balance between thinking I need (more or less forceful) encouragement and thinking I need a break. The trouble with the break theory is that I really like this one, and when I need a break, all I can make is carp.