gratitude cake gratitude

I don’t say much about Al.

He’s a fixture, a key part of life, always there when I need him…

He’s also my sysadmin. When the computer went blooie yesterday, he spent all night working on it, and restored it to health. In this family, we pay debts of gratitude with cake. Al does the taxes, I make a cake. Al clears the driveway after a particularly heavy snowfall, I bake a cake. Al gives others financial advice, they make him a cake.

This is gratitude cake:

A Lazy Daisy cake with lots (and lots and lots) of whipped cream.

Which must make this Cake Gratitude:

Thank you dear.

cistern arches

Oct 14
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

This is from an article in Smithsonian Magazine about the archaeology of Alexandria. I was hoping for doors underwater, only because I dimly remember a science show about retrieving the treasures of Ancient Alexandria from the harbor, but this cistern was 3000 years BCE and built from things even more ancient than that… plus I liked the sunlight into it.