door number two

Oct 3
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I will simply cop to missing a day. Every time I settled down to work, someone important called that I had to talk to. I never got a chance to make my second, I still haven’t had a chance to do more than push the pennies about on the August Journal page (thank goodness I have another week, to finish August and September and start October).

I have to mention in passing that Aerin and I had a great time in NYC. We saw a green woman in Wicked, and then three blue men in Blue Man Group. It made for a colorful day. Although I am embarrassed to admit that Spamalot has spoiled me for any other romantic song that will ever be sung. The leads start staring into each other’s eyes, the music swells, and all I can think is "once in every show, there comes a song like this, it starts off sweet and low, and ends up with a kiss…" and I can’t think about what is happening right in front of me.

And then we had fun in the Museum of Natural History walking around the geology/history of the earth exhibit and patting all the rock samples they left out for exactly that purpose. I am such a science museum geek. I love when they get it right, I love seeing how people try to get across these ideas that feel like second nature to me, and I am always impressed when they come up with some new way of hammering home a point. Watching Aerin learn things without me telling her was instructive too.

I climbed fabric in circus class yesterday and today feel as though I was beaten about the shoulders and ribs with a hose. With luck, I will be less stiff in time to share a class with Flexagon this Sat. That will be fun too.