Sept Journal Quilt

Sept Journal Quilt
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Missed the postcard yesterday, might make it up in the next couple days, did, instead, bake cake (see Gratitude, Deeply Felt) and finish September’s Journal page. I finished August’s too, but left it at the quilt shop for display. I’ll photograph it there and bring the pix back here, like some kind of quilt safari…

Anyhow – September. The month of my birth, therefore the month of the full on self portrait. I had been thinking Chuck Close, with his beautiful dots of color and intensity that suddenly resolve into a person, until I realized his pictures were feet across and his grid squares were inches. So I stared at what I had, and what I had was Photoshop and a lot of colors of fabric. So I printed out a picture of myself (that I didn’t hate) at 1/2" pixels, and set about recreating the intensity and color of the dots from my stash. I have the most lovely left overs – 3" and 4" and 5" bits of fabric with 1/2" holes whacked out of them. (For what to do with different sizes of punch check out Steven Nicholson, a student in the UK.)

I liked the resulting image except that it didn’t look like much up close, and most of the other months seem to be designed to be inspected at about book distance rather than wall distance. I wanted to add detail that was visible in close up and vanished with distance, and let the rastery-ness of the image shine through. I experimented with line work over the dots, but it looked ugly. Until I realized I could embroider in (nearly) invisible thread. Up close it would show the details, and far away it would blend into the image and let the real me (?) shine through. If you click through to Flickr, the image of the back is shown there. I traced some lines off the photograph onto silk organza, and ironed it onto the back to give myself guidelines for embroidering. I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Mum – to make this look like me, step back about 6 paces and maybe squint a little.

One thought on “Sept Journal Quilt

  1. Neat! thanks for the viewing tip. I should make my Computer Guru a cake for phone consultations. Oh woe. how to get a cake to travel phone lines – even fiber optics. miniscule portions slowly. oh my. lovetoyou.


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