absolutely DO NOT sneeze

Joining Shula in the Making Life Difficult for Oneself Department, I show you the raw materials:


and the self portrait, in progress:


I can only congratulate myself on choosing to make the circles/grid larger than originally planned. These are 1/2" circles. They take some hammering to create (so I can only increase my palette when everyone is awake) but they cover a fair amount of space. I had thought to use 1/4" circles, but came to my senses in time. I have mostly finished August’s page, needing only to attach 30 perforated pennies in some sinuous line. And I actually have all the circles down for September’s page (a couple hours after this picture was taken).

I have also stabbed myself with a pair or scissors, and toasted a nice line across one arm with the iron, proving Arlee’s thesis that fiber art is, in fact, a sport. In the social arena, I’ve introduced myself to the new neighbors (they are nice, we’ll be fine), been down with a headache and had a nap, and fed everyone supper. I have yet to oversee the cleaning of the small (relatively speaking) child and chase the large one into the room with the shower so she can do her thing, and then I will catch up on doors.

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