a day of very nice things

april 15

Today I went with my friend Joyce (from the casting class) to Shelburne Falls where we walked through a small number of amzing stores and galleries. There were more, but we ran out of time. joyce knew people everywhere, and we talked with everyone about art and the things they had in their stores, and New England. It was lovely.

I brought my circles, because (as you know) I have to give them away. It is a karma thing. I was describing to Al people's expressions when I offered them small stitched art; first disbelief, then increasing pleasure in the looking, and an almost audible "ding" when they saw one they liked. He said that sounded like how I got paid for them, which sounds about right.

And then once I was home I checked my mail and I've been accepted to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts for a two week session with Marian Bijlenga working with fabric in circles and exploring the Maine coast environment. It feels like an amazing opportunity to push the circle-a-day circles further and maybe in new directions.

Which makes today a very, very nice day.

2 thoughts on “a day of very nice things

  1. Lee, your dandelion is lovely, only wait a bit to make the one with a seedhead ;-)) ! (don’t know if it has a special name, it has here)
    I recognized one of your gray circles in Velma’s book !!!
    I envy you on your Marian Bijlenga class ….


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