april 2

Every Easter my mother used to do this astonishing magic trick. With two or three crayons and a white egg, she would make these short, meaningful lines and forsythia and daffodils would appear. Then she'd dip the top in blue, and the bottom in green, and the sun would shine on a tiny, perfect spring scene on an egg.

After a month of balck and white a gray, I felt like I was intentionally showing you only the gray, the cloudy, the rainy days and black of night. It is a giant relief to be able to apply color again.

For April I have decided to continue the landscapes, but try to capture the fleeting colors of spring; the haze of pink blossoms and green leaves that washes up the hills, the blooming trees and shrubs that color and scent the day. There's a lot to see, but it is going very fast!