colors that are not green

april 14

One of the maple trees on the way to the barn is both blooming in red/brown and either blooming or leafing out in that amazing zingy spring green. I was so astonished I took a picture of it, and there it is.

Aerin takes pleasure in reminding me that it was about this time one year when she was small (and thus had a loose grasp of time) that I startled her by shouting "look! Quick! The trees are blooming, and it goes by so fast!!" and she whirled in her seat hoping to catch a tree in the act of floofing out. Of course it feels fast to me, it takes a week or so, and then everything will be leaves and green, and not this lovely lacey in-between.

Aerin says when she was really small, it was not clear to her that the seasons happened. One day was a lot like the next, and things took a really long time. It was hard to remember when it had been really different.

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