dogwood, rain

april 22

I did say when it rained, you'd know. After all kinds of forecasts for rain yesterday, and not getting any, I must admit I was dubious. Until I looked at the weather radar and saw large green splotches of rain headed twoards us. So. After more than three dry weeks, it is pelting rain and cold, and all the plants look relieved.

Getting depth of field in fabric is tricky. I wanted to fade the rain streaks a little, and some of the branches, so I put a layer of organza over part of the image and stitched into it again. I think I could repeat that process and get greater depth. If it rains tomorrow, I will try that.

I was inspired by Red Kate's pictures of my backyard dogwood.

Dogwood II

This tree is one of my favorite things I planted. Aerin remembers jumping over it when it was just a stick in the ground. Now it towers over us all, and the bunnies cannot nibble it in winter, and it gives a sweet shade in summer.