twenty-two (degrees and circles)

twenty two

It was absurdly cold this morning –  about 5F when I got up, and 17F when I left the house for the barn. Kaboose and I were invited out on a trail ride, before the next round of dreadful weather shows up and renders the world a skating rink. We went out into the bright cold and fresh snow, and it was so lovely. The snow creaked under the horses' feet in the cold, and Scout snorted at monsters all the way. My toes froze. I might actually need winter boots. 

Yesterday I declared I was Done With Foil. Today I have stars of gold mylar thread (Sulky Sliver) which is somehow less annoying to me than the whole ironing/fusing/gluing process. Thread I can deal with. Thread follows the needle, until it breaks, and I have pretty good control over the needle. 

twenty-one and reverses

twenty one

This is red foil with star shaped holes over orange silk with yellow/gold thread. Still foiled, still gold stars, just some kind of reverse osmosis.

I have learned some things about foil.

  1. it is very (very) shiny
  2. it does not hold or carry details well, implying
  3. it works better on large areas than small areas
  4. it is only smooth when you don't want it to be (and conversely)
  5. the surface is easily roughed up or removed
  6. gluing it makes for random splotches rather than any kind of pattern
  7. fusible web is tricky in small pieces
  8. stitching over it is not productive although it can make for an interesting distressed look
  9. don't be cheap with foil – one piece doesn't work over more than one ironing, so just plan on using it in a profligate fashion
  10. I don't much like it

Having pushing it around for three weeks, and run out of gold, I think I am done with gold foil. I'll make gold stars on the rest of my red circles for January in other ways. 



I like the basic idea of the spiral, but I am not delighted with the contrast between the two threads I used to make it, or the placement of stars along it. 

I am fine; I had a medical test yesterday, and the results were in my favor. The circle for yesterday is over at Flickr. 



Still experimenting with different glues. I like the swoop down of this one. Although if you turn it over it looks like a fountain. 

seventeen, a river of stars


In all my fussing about fusible web for foil, I totally forgot that I have six or seven different glues, any one of which might work also. So I did some controlled testing on scrap fabric, and liked the way this one came out. Also, lots of close reds (I think there are three different reds in there, so it shimmers in an interesting way). 


sixteen and testing hypotheses


I’m much happier with this one. Although I did forget to edge it before I took its portrait. 

You can look away now, if you are not interested in the more technical aspects!

After yesterday’s issues I dug out a different fusible (Heat and Bond, vs. WonderUnder). It works at a lower temperature, is thicker and heavier, and seems to be working better. I am encouraged by the intensity of the tiny stars – that was not happening with WU. I prefer WU because I usually need to be able to sew through the stuck down fabrics. Heat and Bond heavy weight is not to be stitched through; it does serious damage to needles, and the Heat and Bond lightweight still leaves strange residues. But it is great for foil.