Fourteen, and a very busy day. 

I had a horse, and a concert, and dinner with friends, and then I remembered I had a circle to make. 

I am remembering why I got so frustrated with foil. It does it not do what I want it to, and it doesn't do it in ways I cannot fix or work around. I don't mind unpreditability, in fact I like working with variegated threads and handpainted fabric. But this looks ugly to me, the edges aren't good, the fusible doesn't hold all the shape of the transfer, it isn't clean…  Two weeks into January, I am remembering why I didn't do much with it before.

And I need to decide how hard I want to push the foil issue – do I stick with it to the end of January, or do I declare this experiment over and go on to other gold stars? Because I still like the idea of counting up to the end of the month. 

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