twelve and a loaner sewing machine


I am deeply grateful to Timna for the loan of a perfectly lovely, working sewing machine, and a pointer to the people to fix my indisposed machine (Pumpkin Patch Quilts).  Audrey said there was a bakery and a bookstore to visit while they fixed my machine and the guy on the phone sounded very encouraging. So I am feeling surrounded by friends and competence. 

We attended the Winter Concert tonight. It was a very speedy one of its kind, with no jazz, and thus no jazz solos. There was some wonderful playing by the band (especially since I still vividly remember the 4th grade band, and their complete and spectacular failure on one particular piece) and three different vocal groups. Aerin was also in a small woodwind quartet that played two student composed pieces.  I got my knitting into a terrible tangle and had to stop until the lights came back on. Apparently I am still not quite as capable in the dark as I thought. 

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