intentions for 2012

I find I am missing the creativity and discipline of making something every day. The last time I did was in 2007 (the birth of this blog in fact, which makes this a five year anniversary of sorts) and it is high time to do it again. The biggest issue in committing to something like this is to decide what I can make more than 300 of. I mean, I still have postcards from 2007 languishing around the house. But the knowledge and skills I gained are worth a lot, and I think it is high time to do it again. 

So: a circle a day, for 2012.

The rules:

  • Circles will fit into the Trader Joe's tins (about 3" in diameter) and be attached to ribbons for each month.
  • Each circle must have a front, back and finished edge. 
  • Each month will have a color, and a second constraint to be determined. 
  • When the family goes on vacation, so do I.

Month colors, and second theme if I know:

  • January – red & thread
  • February – PINK
  • March – black and gray
  • April – yellow
  • May – green
  • June – orange
  • July – anything & ocean
  • August – blue & feather
  • September – brown & leaf
  • October – purple & scary
  • November – metallics 
  • December - white & old

Other goals for 2012? Call my mother more, ride more horses, tell people more often how fond of them I am. Those should all contribute to the general happiness quotient. 

Out with 2011, in with 2012! let's see what we can make of it!