seven fours are twenty-eight

twenty eight

I don't know what it is about multiplication? It might be that Aerin's Young Man is getting math tutoring at our house on Saturday afternoons, and is brushing up his times tables, because Al is very keen on them being very nearly subconcious. The sevens were giving him fits, so I heard a lot of them.

It could be that I just play with arrangements of numbers in my head (I like arrays of things).

It could be that, in a valiant effort to subvert the dominant number paradigm, I strive to find interesting things about numbers that do not end in zero, because I like celebrating odd birthdays. One of my best birthdays ever was when I turned 49, which is a square. Someone thought of having seven seven year olds serenade me (but didn't), and every one brought square food, including Cindy (who still doesn't have a blog!) who made me a square pi(e). It was a much better birthday than fifty, which I basically ignored.