twenty-one and reverses

twenty one

This is red foil with star shaped holes over orange silk with yellow/gold thread. Still foiled, still gold stars, just some kind of reverse osmosis.

I have learned some things about foil.

  1. it is very (very) shiny
  2. it does not hold or carry details well, implying
  3. it works better on large areas than small areas
  4. it is only smooth when you don't want it to be (and conversely)
  5. the surface is easily roughed up or removed
  6. gluing it makes for random splotches rather than any kind of pattern
  7. fusible web is tricky in small pieces
  8. stitching over it is not productive although it can make for an interesting distressed look
  9. don't be cheap with foil – one piece doesn't work over more than one ironing, so just plan on using it in a profligate fashion
  10. I don't much like it

Having pushing it around for three weeks, and run out of gold, I think I am done with gold foil. I'll make gold stars on the rest of my red circles for January in other ways. 

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