felted Anatsui emulation

one possible layout

I spent some quality time this evening felting some green pieces, and a red/purple piece, and then cutting them into roughly even pieces. I think I need one more color of the tall thin ones. I really like the red/purple squares – they are a great contrast against the green pieces. Maybe yellow. I can find some yellows. 

felted parts

So Red Kate and I drove to Newton today to get her kayak paddle (and it is very lovely too; exquisitely light, carbon shaft and bright yellow blades), and since we were there we had two kinds of oysters, cherrystones, smoked salmon and one sublime crab cake for lunch at Legal, and then because we still had time, I took her to see the Anatsui exhibit. Which was still awesome. And showing it to someone else was interesting and made me see different things. Including one huge wall piece that was really lacey and see-through which I didn't remember. 


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