El Anatsui homage 1

when last I wrote to you of Anatsui

The first of the Anatsui inspired pieces.

The original that inspired me was made of planks of wood cut into grids, the grid lines are black, the tops of most of the squares are the color of the natural wood, some with small glyphs on them. In several pieces, there is a ragged, burned and gouged area that runs across the grid, like a river or worn fabric. 

This is the beginning: ripped strips of old pants (thank you Al!) stitched to a thick interfacing, then cut into squares and attached to a rough black silk background. I am going to experiment with the heat gun to see if it will burn in interesting ways. I think the silk will do well, but the cotton of the pants fabric will probably burn in a bad way. Paint could also work, as could cutting with scissors or knife. Whatever I do, I won't do it inside – it'll be outside!! I promise!