Round Robin done

round robin sum1 2 luv 4 eva with circles

I think this is done. I like it too – although sopme parts are kind of catty-wumped. The sticks made a dreadful mess on the sewing machine, but I do think they make a nice statement in the middle of all that fabric. 

The mechanics of this Round Robin have been relaxed to the point of anarchy. Four of us brought twice as many pieces to the first meeting as necessary, so we parcelled them out in ways that were interesting to everyone, and then did it again. It almost seems like cheating to post a picture of it before the next meeting, but now it is up, so you have a sneaky peak before anyone else. 


red and green

These are little circles – about 1.5" across – that fit into little tins that I have several dozen of. I have this idea for a set of fancy circles and plainer circles all strung together on a ribbon, that unfolds as you lift it out of the tin. 


Mount Sugarlump

Spring is springing, as we knew it would – it just seemed like a long cold wait until it got here. What I love best about this time of year is the veil of lacey color the blossoms throw over the trees. It is still possible to see the structure of the branches, but it is softened and colored.