general life

I have become obsessed with saddle pads, and I don't like any of my (expensive) choices for getting the colors I want (navy blue, edged with bright green and a nice light blue) so I decided to try knitting and felting one. In an uncharacteristic piece of forethought, I made a series of swatches, and they are in the washing machine even as we speak.  Heavy felt has a long history of use with horses, from the Mongolian nomads to more recent eras. I am looking forward to this project.


In other news, the tree is still there. Since no one was hurt and the buildings are all whole, we are lower on the list of people who need tree removal. Three  different companies have given estimates, and it will probably get done by next week. Until then, the kids are climbing on it, because a sideways tree has huge amusement potential, and the birds perch and look bewildered. 

Aerin just suns herself on it like a cat.