it never rains but it pours?


Aerin's prom was cancelled part way through on account of weather. Or as the saying goes at our house "on account of adverse weather conditions at sea" (the reason on ALL the absent/tardy notes we sent to school for my brother. And all true.) So they have repaired to the young man's house, where they will watch a movie or two and visit. Probably with friends. It will be quieter, and less stressful.

I am still stunned to have produced a child that 1) was invited to the Prom and b) decided to go.

On the whole, her prom experience has been NOTHING like any of the movies or TV shows I have ever seen that mention it even in passing. This just reinforces that.


Prom, and the tree fell down

really the tree fell down, originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Everything always happens at once. Time is supposed to keep that from happening, but really, it doesn't, and in such a routine fashion that the joke is more in the telling.

Anyhow. Aerin was getting ready for prom.


 Her friend Rozi offered to help with hair and makeup, and following a fine family tradition of out-sourcing what we are bad at, Aerin said yes. So we fetched Rozi because there were Giant Thunderstorms headed our way and we could hear them, and they got to work. 

Rozi adjusts things


And then the storm hit. And there was a loud crack, like the beginning of thunder. And when I finally finished looking out all the other windows to see what might have happened, I saw the neighbor's tree across our driveway, in the narrow slot between garage and house – it has some branches against the house, and some against the garage, and the top branches lapping at the bottom of the steps to the back porch, and nothing broken as far as I can see.
Everyone is fine. The neighbors are fine. The neighbor on the other side is freaking right out because she is convinced my birch tree will fall on her in exactly the same way, but it didn't this time. Also my tree is healthy, at the moment, and the one that fell clearly had rot going on. 

Rozi, calm under fire and Aerin whining, eyeroll as Rozi continues to adjust

 little snails of hair
finished her project.

The young man showed up resplendent in tux and finished with muddy hiking boots (required to get in and out of his driveway but not part of the final ensemble). So what did we do but photograph them in front of the tree that tipped over, because it makes a great story. That is the picture at the top of the page.

Then with grins on their faces:
teef and
 and toes prepared for mud
and the good shoes in their hands, they departed and they won't be home til midnight.


And the tree is still tipped over.

tree still fallen down