leaves inna tin, and painted fabric

painted fabric


Yesterday the fabric women got together, not all together at once but eveyone showed up at one point or another.  We used the Pebeo light reactive paints to make experimental fabrics. Timna's daughter helped, as did mine, and there were parades of plastic animals across the pint leaving inetersting footprints as well as leaves, flowers, stencils, jar lids and keys. I have the world's best box of keys, I got it for $5 in Brattleboro when a woman was clearing out her studio. It is filled with all kinds of random keys, old ones, new ones, "do not copy" ones, moderately useless flat ones – they make me fabulously happy.  Timna shows hers here, Audrey will soon, and Lynne swears she will have a blog soon. 



leaves inna tin

And today I rode two horses. Just as I think my riding schedule is returning to normal, because the gray horse left for his summer home, I was offered a ride on a little black Morgan mare. She is zoomy and fun, and needs some more leg stretching Mondays and Fridays. And then I made these tonight. Five leaves, to fit into a leaf shaped tin. I think they might need fabric on the back, and a ribbon to hold them together, and they are done. 

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