it never rains but it pours?


Aerin's prom was cancelled part way through on account of weather. Or as the saying goes at our house "on account of adverse weather conditions at sea" (the reason on ALL the absent/tardy notes we sent to school for my brother. And all true.) So they have repaired to the young man's house, where they will watch a movie or two and visit. Probably with friends. It will be quieter, and less stressful.

I am still stunned to have produced a child that 1) was invited to the Prom and b) decided to go.

On the whole, her prom experience has been NOTHING like any of the movies or TV shows I have ever seen that mention it even in passing. This just reinforces that.


One thought on “it never rains but it pours?

  1. So glad you are all safe, what a day! We’re fine and getting ready to sell our house and move to Las Cruces, NM. Aerin looks great, love the hairstyle, hope they reschedule the prom! Thanks for the photos! Enjoy this dry, sunny, blustery day.


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