Quilt show mosaic

Quilt show mosaic
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Yesterday I biked to Amherst to join friends for lunch and the Hands Across the Valley Quilt Show. The lunch was fabulous, even though I was having one of those scrimmagy days where, although nothing goes horribly wrong, a series of small things are not quite right. I forgot a bike lock, couldn’t wedge the bike into a friend’s trunk, knocked the chain off the gears and wound up (finally) at lunch greasy and sweaty and disgruntled. Except everything was fine after that! Lunch was great and the quilt show was pretty spectacular.

However, I demonstrate for you here why I am not to be trusted with details. I took pictures of a bunch of things I loved, and completely failed to get the names of the people who made them or what they are called. So have some gorgeous things I saw, and I’m sorry I can’t tell you anything further. Except I just looked at the mosaic and the squares in squares are really the images that caught me! I didn’t even see that when I was drifting around taking pictures…

The piece I was finishing over the weekend is melting overnight. I used some meltable stabilizer, and it is insufficiently melted, and needs a good soak. Then it needs to dry. The whole process is taking far longer than I expected.

I am going to go be horizontal. I rode the red horse in the woods and got lost, and finally got home an hour later than I meant to. Then I rode the other two for good measure, and then I had to go clean my teacher’s barn. It was a little colder than I was wanting, but I was prepared, and just fine. Even getting lost in the woods wasn’t bad, just frustrating.

16 things about me

16 things about me
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There are a lot of “n Things About Me” memes going around, and while I am amused they haven’t spoken to me much. But then one of my Flickr friends tagged me for a photo version. And i had 16 nice pictures of things about me to share with you. So here it is today, because the thing I am thinking about it going to be hard to finish in time to post about it tonight before we go away for supper.

white horses and a short vocabulary enlargement

I wanted to find a picture of the white horse on the hillside. The Bronze age one. The one that Terry Pratchett mentions in Wee Free Men. I found this one, which is the one I was after, but not until I had also found this one and this one (with added pranksterism) and this one which were all created much more recently than the Bronze Age.

I also discovered that there is a word for these: leucippotomy is the art of carving white horses in chalk upland areas – particularly apparent in southern England and presumed of prehistoric origin (copied directly from Wikipedia, which explains the random links to things you know perfectly well)

But anyway – how awesome is is that there exists a word only and precisely for carving horses into the chalk downs?

more squares, and the ghosts on the backside

March 19
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Another nine patch sort of object. There are pieces of this one I love so much! The tiny stitches inside the orange squares, the way the green beads lok like eggs in a nest, the subtle differences of greeny-yellow and yellowy green in the 4 pieces, and the variations in oranges across the corners and center.

I feel like I am starting to get a grip – on the machine and the results.

Even the back looked cool on this one. See?

March 19 back
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squares in squares (in squares)

March 18
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I keep being caught by these squares in squares. I wove regular polyester felt strips to make the grid, then (aggressively) needle felted wool (red) and cotton (light green) squares into the resulting squares. I love the way the applied squares seem to melt into the backgrounds. It makes me think of using anchovies for flavoring in spaghetti sauce, which is nicer than it sounds because they really do melt into the sauce leaving mostly salt and a hint of dark and brooding flavor for the tomatoes. Anyhow – It all looked a little more wispy than I wanted to I cut more light green cotton squares and stitched them down to the red felted squares to give some harder edges.

On the whole I am pleased, but I still have some more square in square ideas.


March 17
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I think I am done with these people.

I am very pleased with the way I figured out how to make their hair stand up (thread beads onto it) and I rather like their faces. I toyed with the idea of making small papooses for them each to hold, which i might still do and might not, but another idea has caught my fancy and I have to explore it tomorrow.