2/3 together

March 14
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Two of the three figures attached, waiting for their third. I put a bunch of embroidery on the second, and then took it off again because it didn't line up across the bead boundary. I am a little proud of myself for being willing to take out, take off and redo such a lot of stuff on these pieces. Maybe I am picking my battles better – what is noticeable, what detracts from the piece, and what is less of an issue.

The face for the third one looks like this: 

face and hair
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I am absurdly proud of myself for figuring out the beads to make the hair stand up.

And lastly, I present my version of a laptop:

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I needed a way to bring my work on the road when I was sewing tiny things, and after looking at a bunch of things that were for sale at the time I decided I could MAKE one, because I am clever. This one has worked well for a series of things, from making tiny jointed bears during gymnastics meets to sewing tiny dolls waiting for circus classes to finish, to (now) holding beads and works for these figures.

Typepad tells me this is my 600th post. I am shocked. Pleased, but shocked.