fit to be tied

March 9
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I wanted to tie a bunch of washers together and see how they would drape.

I accomplished this yesterday, but then I had to clean a barn and go see the Chinese National Acrobats. I am not complaining – they were really something, and we had a great time. Al said that they did more interesting things in 10 minutes than Ringling did in the entire show, and he may have been right. Certainly there were a lot of things I had never seen before. I realized I was getting to be circus snob connoisseur when I was utterly unimpressed with thfabric piece. The woman was strong and graceful, but she didn't do anything I hadn't seen before. Hers was pretty, but not too much technically.

Anyhow – this piece is a bunch of washers tied together in two directions. I like the way it drapes across the little box. The washers are small, about 3/8" (1cm). I think the next project is tying them in a different pattern and then I have to go back to the felting machine….

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