Pi(e) Day – 3/14

Pi(e) Day – 3/14
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Today, 3/14, is Pi Day (3.1415etc)and you should celebrate appropriately.

With Pie. Lots and lots and lots of Pie.

am going to the (relatively) local farmstand this afternoon and
purchasing one of each that doesn't have nuts. Friends are coming for
supper. We will taste all the pies. I was trying to think of potential pies
for supper as well as dessert – pizza, chicken pot, meat – I'll see
what I can find.

Remember: Pi(e) Day= 3/14

NB: I am
realizing this is a pretty American thing because others of you put the
day/month however since there is no month 14, you may want to adopt
this formation for the day so as to be able to eat Lots Of Pie.

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